DVD Chief: Take Control of Your Movie Collection

Do you control your movie collection, or are the movies scattered all over your place? DVD Chief offers the easiest way to organize your entire movie collection in no time. Featuring seamless Internet connection, DVD Chief can fill in the details automatically by downloading information about a movie from a comprehensive Internet database. You just need to type the title – or insert a disc with a movie you’re adding to the catalogue. DVD Chief supports all types of pressed and burned DVD and Blu-Ray discs, as well as ISO images stored on your hard drive or a NAS.

Internet Database

Most folks have little to no interest filling in every little detail about the movie. Actors, directors, producers, plots and descriptions are just a few things you’d rather have but don’t want to type in. DVD Chief solves this quiz by connecting to an online movie database and downloading all the details about the movie completely automatically including info and images. All you need is a movie title or a disc in your DVD/Blu-Ray reader!

Easy Offline Navigation

DVD Chief is designed for easy and comfortable navigation through your entire movie collection. Featuring modern ribbon-based interface with customizable look and feel, DVD Chief is a powerful, simple to use tool for working with your collection. Browse, search, filter and navigate your collection in a language of your choice without having to insert the original DVD or Blu-Ray disc!

Sorting, Searching and Filtering

You can search, sort and filter your collection in every possible way. You can choose to only display movies starring a certain actor, directed by a certain producer or released by a certain studio. You can stack and combine search criteria to further narrow your search.

Save Your Memories

DVD Chief makes it easy to save your opinion about the movie. Just type your comment and enter your rating, and you’ll be able to review them at any time later. This feature can be invaluable if you’re watching a lot of movies. You can easily search through your own comments, too! Just put a note in the Comments field, and you’ll be able to look it up by entering a phrase, word, or part of a word at a later time.

Perfect for International Movie Fans

See titles, plots and descriptions as well as actors’ names and other relevant information in a language of your choice! If there’s a single tool that would be perfect for international movie lovers, that would be DVD Chief. Supporting both Unicode and multiple languages, DVD Chief holds information about the movies in several languages at the same time. You can navigate your entire collection in a language of your choice, switching languages on the fly if you want to.