Renumbering the list in a database

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Renumbering the list in a database

Postby Sloweddi » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:41 pm


After I imported a list of movies to form a new database I found there were duplicates that needed to be removed. I then found that the titles on some movies changed as a result of IMDB searches (mostly foreign films)causing those to be moved around the list. I finished finding all the info for the movies, saved the database, and then Alphabetized the database. I then checked to see that everything was where I wanted it, and then saved the database again.

When I reopen the database, everything is back to pre-sort and I must alphabetize again. I think this is because the numbering is now off.

I would like to renumber the database after my sort. Is this possible? I know I can do this in Access and MySQL.
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