Feature Tour

DVD Chief offers many innovative features making your life as a movie collector far easier than ever.

Modern UI

DVD Chief incorporates the latest advancements in usability and UI development, offering convenient and customizable interface. Its main window features ribbon-based interface with large, clearly labelled buttons. Many views are customizable with advanced HTML templates. You can make DVD Chief look exactly as the way you want it.

Three Ways of Cataloguing Movies

You can enter your movies into the catalogue by typing the title, inserting a DVD/Blu-Ray disk into the reader, or selecting an ISO image file. DVD Chief will automatically detect the name of the movie and fill in all relevant information completely automatically.

Online Movie Database

When cataloguing your collection, DVD Chief can automatically fill in the details about your movies by downloading comprehensive information from an Internet movie database. This data includes images, plot and descriptions in several languages, information about actors, producers and studios among other things.

Leave and Search Comments

Your memories about the movie may fade with time, especially if you watch lots of them. Leave your opinion and comment the movie in the searchable memo field. You can leave just about any sort of comments from in-depth reviews to simple tags or memo-words for easier searching.

Browse, Search and Filter

You can search, sort, and filter your movies by specifying one or more fields – including your own comments. The advanced search and filtering system makes it easy to find a movie you may only have loose memories about. You can search by phrases, words or parts of words, filter out movies starring a certain actor or shot in a certain year.

International Support

DVD Chief is perfect for international movie fans, allowing to store information about the movies in several different languages. With full Unicode support and database fields available in multiple languages, you can catalogue and search foreign movies in a language of your choice.